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Matu cana he aba lae tih apaek u thae neh ba lae tlaih ham koi angoe?


Matu cana he aba lae tih apaek u thae neh ba lae tlaih ham koi angoe?
(Jonathan Thang)
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Europe khui kah Denmark Matu Meeting


Ti hnin hang kah Europe khui ah aka om Matu cana kawng ayol kanyak sak ngaih. A kawng tah, 2014 April 10 – 14 hil Denmark kho ah Denmark Matu rhoek teng lakaleng phai tih, Denmark Matu hmuhtun sai nah ah khaw pahoei ka ngol van, ti ah GMO kawng he introduction pa hoei sai la om. Continue reading

President Thein Sein landed on Norway:

norway pm n ts

On February 26, 2013 at 16.30 (GMT), Some Burmese activists were demonstarting infront of Hotel Continental where President Thein Sein and his delegates were staying during visits in Norway. Continue reading

Introducing “Interim Global Matu Organization”

dr-valthan-in-norwayAlaklo rhuet “Diklaihman Matu Tingtun Bu”  (“Interim Global Matu Organization”) he internet ah ca aka thut rhoek Matu rhangpuei kah akuek angoe na bangla Continue reading

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in Matupi


By MSU News

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Chronology Events of Matu Politics


By MSU News 

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Chin People’s View on Burma’s Democratic Movements


 By Dr. Val Thang Matu

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