Role of Corporations and Lobbyists behind Burma’s Reformation

T S regime

Foreign Policy of America:
Foreign policy realism means you pursue U.S. interests exclusively, no matter the cost to other countries or peoples or even the world. Continue reading

Money & Politics In A Country

mbf pol news

The story of the boiled frog from OSI news: The poor creature is coaxed into the water. Then the heat is turned up, little by little. Before long, the water’s boiling, the frog’s cooked—and he never saw it coming.

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Open Invitation: 2nd General Meeting of Burmese Activists in Norway

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Attention to all Burmese exile activists in Norway:

February 12, 2014

Subject: Open Invitation: 2nd General Meeting of Burmese Activists in Norway
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Revelation of The Man Behind The Curtain

than shwe in new form

Who Runs Burma’s designated 2008 Constitution, 2010 Election & Half baked Democratic System of Burma from behind the Curtain:
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Open Invitation To All Burmese Activists in Norway

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Will Burma ever make a “U-turn” moves during the so called transition to democratization ?

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By Jonathan Thang

Former military man who turned head of USDP and state, President Thein Sein promised that Burma will not make a move “U” turn in this reform process during a toured to 5 European countries Continue reading

Kolram President Thein Sein kah Europe Tour

Pathen mingneh natui sa boehding ucoi ni tila ngaiuep doeah greeting kansai uh. Hninhang kah olthang boeih naming uh tangtae bangla, Kol ram kah President Thein Sein Norway ah hampha vaeng kah olthang bet yaaksak ham kangaih. Continue reading