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(Myanmar Representatives Committee – Norway)

Meeting Minutes from the 1st MRC-N meeting in Oslo:
Date: On November 16, 2013
Time: 12.00 – 16.00
Venue: Norwegian Burma Committee hall, Kirkegate 5, Oslo, Norway


Key Points:
A.) The attendees agreed to name the Burmese representatives as “Myanmar Representatives Committee – Norway”.

B.) There were 15 representatives from different organizations such as:
i) Ethnics National Representatives Committee
ii) Political parties or organizations’ representatives’ committee and
iii) Civil society organizations’ representatives’ committee, and
iv) Individual activists were allowed to be involved under a certain quota of making decision status.
Out of 15 representatives, 12 persons were elected to be members of  the“Myanmar Representatives Committee – Norway”.

C.) “Myanmar Representatives Committee – Norway” elected two persons as the general contact person for the committee or to take responsibility as public relationships until further notice is being made. Their names are:
i) Mr. Aung Htun (0047-95489543), and
ii) Jonathan Thang (0047-97690451)

D.) Details discussion were made such as; how the committees should involving to implement various pilot projects by collecting information on the grassroots level of Burmese societies’ basic economic driving-force & listening to civil societies’ voices; to cooperate with different NGOs, INGOs, and Governmental Organizations in the field of development projects & activities.

E.) The committee agreed to conduct a second meeting at the end of December 2013 or early January 2014. During the second meeting, the committee will be raising/inviting absentee organizations’/ethnics’ representatives to take their roles and responsibilities by cooperating with committee members of MRC-N.


MRC-N Invitations:

1) 1st Time MRC-N Invitation

2) 2nd Time MRC-N Invitation


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