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    Category 1: at the following link https://www.gofundme.com/manage/assistance-to-victims-of-military-coup-in-burma (or) Category 2: https://matupi.org/aids/


Dear Friends and Readers,

Most of you have already heard what’s happening in Myanmar / Burma right now. Since February 1, 2021, Min Aung Hlaing-led terrorist group (Military coup) has taken over power from NOBELS PRIZE WINNER AUNG SAN SUU KYI’s government and freedom from the people of Burma.

The current Donor lists are as follows: https://matupi.org/2022/09/28/donors-listed-from-norway-to-burma-funds-aids/

People are demonstrating across the country to regain democracy and freedom on the street in different ways, even though most are facing extreme economic hardship, hungry, and can’t afford to buy food. Over 1300 registered protesters, children and women were killed shortly. Nearly 6000 were arrested, hundreds of thousands are facing terrible persecution and millions of people are facing a shortage of food and medical supplies.

In the mean times, many ethnic forces and young people are starting arms revolution against Min Aung Hlaing led terror military forces. They might need any help you can supply as soon as possible.

MANY REALLY NEED HELP NOW! We are hoping to get a small donation from you in this crisis time.

We are a group doing volunteer activists helping Burmese victims who are suffering brutal attacks by Min Aung Hlaing-led military forces.  We are raising funds to help medical assistance to victims, and CDM activists, and distributing basic needs to some who are extremely facing hardship due to the ongoing political crisis that has affected already poverty-stricken nations. 

We are afraid to meet the challenge of increasing more and more victims throughout the country with our very limited own funds. Therefore, we are asking anyone of you to help directly by yourself to the people of Burma as soon as possible. In case you have no one to contact victims, please do contact us to extend your helping hands.


Contact Us:

Organization Name:  Matu Burma Foundation

Organization Number:  995 666 316

Kindly address the following accounts for “Donation & Payment”

* Emergency Medical Assistance:
MBF General A/c:  3126.25.45094 or Vipps number: 686169

* Humanitarian Aids: 
MBF General Bank A/c :  3126.25.26677 or Vipps number: 686173

* Rural Development Project Assistance: 
MBF BRADP Bank A/c : 3201.48.18323 or Vipps number: 686175 or 686158


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