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BRAD Program

Brief information about BRAD Program:

BRAD Program (Burma’s Rural Areas Development Program) is mainly targeted for the Burmese society and the rural areas of Burma (which are frequently happened to be the areas of minority ethnics group). The aim of BRAD Program is to be developed Burma in a rapid ways for the beneficial of the most suffering people by adopting a new development strategies and methods. The program will be included such as:
a) To promote basic education and
b) Creating essential basic works program (Vocational Work Program / Food for work program).

Kindly contact us to know more details information about the BRAD Program. In the mean time, we warmly welcome anyone those who would like to provide us valuable suggestions and ideas regarding on rural areas development activities and strategies.

We also would like to invite anyone those want to invest in our social business projects. We are looking forward such well wishers:-
a) those who are able to provide “Vocational Teacher Training”,
b) “Basic General Mechanical Knowledge Training” (related to agriculture tools and auto-motives training are in great need); and
c) “Social-Business Investment/Investors”.

We, the BRAD Program members, would like to welcome individual, group and organizations (volunteers, students, well-wishers and governments around the world to lead in this field and cooperate with us to upgrade the primitive life of rural Burmese people, and to eradicate poverty all over the world.

There are four different categories involved in this project as donors/well-wishers and student-members:

(A) Aid & Donation:
By providing grants or aids as an assistance to BRAD Program (in term of cash and assets).

(B) Purchasing Social-Business Shares:
By investing cash or assets through buying shares from BRAD Program for short-term or long-term period (The required investment for short-term period will be a minimum period of 5 years, and the long-term will be minimum of 10 years). Once investor purchased a share from BRAD Program, he/she will be automatically become share owners of BRAD Program, but there will not be financial value added services, instead we will provide in term of special recognition by different means. The reason is since the BRADP is working as “Social-Business” type without intention to work as Profit-Business.

(C) Vocational Education Training:
Any individual employers, organizations and government agencies are requested to provide or arrange any basic knowledge and skills training related to agriculture sector and basic technology training which may useful to apply in rural areas.

(D) BRADP Students’ Exchange Program:

Student members will be provided 25% donation of their net income to BRAD Program under students’ exchange program. So that the BRADP may able to meet the financial needs for Students program which is under the process of arrangement with some affiliated companies and organizations.

Please feel free to contact us for various detail information regarding on donation and investment procedures.
BRAD Program (Burma’s Rural Areas Development Program) started organized by a group of Burmese students in India, those who came from different parts of Burma with the help of some humanitarian scholars and international communities.

Most of the scholars are determined to involve in different kinds of social fields. At this moment the participants are studying intensively and doing various kinds of research fields in order to find out new development strategy and ways to promote the quality of life for the most unfortunate one. All the members of BRAD Program are involving as purely volunteers to give a bright hope to the Burmese people (who could not see the development beyond where they are limited to be).

Currently, most of the developed countries and United Nations (UN) have been involved in different development program by various methods and projects in Burma. As a result of UN’s effort, most of the developing countries are greatly benefited by coming out from absolute poverty situation. But, particularly if the current leaders of Burma are willingly and effectively cooperated with UNDP (United Nation Development Program) and educated scholars, will there be more possibility to save the poor Burmese people before being too late. In the mean time, BRAD Program is also concentrating on a very similar goal and objectives as UNDP. But the different is ways and methods of approach.

BRADP Committee

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