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Norway’s Press Statement on Myanmar at the UN

Press Statement on Myanmar

Press Statement on Myanmar from the Norwegian Delegation to the UN, in conjunction with a Security Council, closed meeting, 27 May 2022.

Norway is deeply concerned about the worsening situation in Myanmar, with growing humanitarian needs, increased fighting, and no meaningful political dialogue.

The military forces continue to conduct brutal attacks on civilians throughout Myanmar.

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Escape from Burma’s Military: After A year on Military Coup

Opposite the neo-gothic cathedral stood the old and empty offices of the Myanmar Times, formerly the nation’s only private English-language daily. Operations halted a few weeks after the 1 February 2021 coup as staff resigned and readers boycotted the newspaper over its proprietor’s editorial policies, seen as sympathetic to the regime.

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Military Coup in Burma: One year on, what next?

A short conversation with the head of Norwegian churches’ bishop Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit (Ph.D.)

Jonathan (MBF’s representataive and Dr. Olav (Head of Norwegian Chruches & general secretary of the World Council of Churches)

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Mitch McConnell’s commitment to freedom & democracy in Burma

Author: Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, is the Senate Republican Leader.

Burma has been back in the news lately, and for all the wrong reasons. In February, the country’s military seized power from the democratically-elected government, imprisoned civilian leaders and civil society activists, and launched a brutal crackdown against its people.

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Burma’s Dark Days

(Open Letter from Charlie Artingstoll)

Last month, I was arrested, detained at gun-point by 12 heavily armed soldiers, in Yangon. The trauma experienced by people in Myanmar since the coup, 4 months ago, is pretty hard to put into words.

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Political Analysis on the fate of Burma links via Taiwan (China) and Crimea (Russia) versus US-led allies with a strong partner Japan:

By Jonathan Thang

A few weeks ago, I was extremely worried when President Biden announced Russia’s role in the US election and called out President Putin as a “killer”, which escalate high-level tension between the two countries. Moreover, once President Biden announced the “genocide acts” to Turkey which occurred during World War II mass killing of Armenians. Instead of concentrating on the containment policy upon China, engaging more fronts would high level escalation with other countries could escape China from its original purposed. In that case, the matter of Burma would be not a priority and perhaps a longer persecution period in Burma.

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USA’s Sweeping Effort target on China

US’s Containment Policy will be indirectly or directly helping to solve the current Burma crisis. Though it is not the main interest for the US to take action on Burma, however, the current geopolitical scenario demanded the US ought to solve the problem of Burma. By doing so, which will gain double credit to the United States and her allies in the global arena without spending extra expenses under “Containment policy”
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