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Drunkman’s Lost & Found Event

A man in southern Germany has been reunited with his car two years after
forgetting where he parked, Bavarian police said on Thursday, according to
Reuter comments.

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Swedish’s drunken elk


According to The local News report, when Per Johansson of Särö, south of Gothenburg, returned home from work on Tuesday it was dark outside and the rain was coming down hard. Suddenly Johansson heard a bellowing noise from the garden next door.

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Life worths only 50 paise in India


LUCKNOW: A human life is worth 50 paise in Ulta Pradesh. If you don’t believe it, read on: a dispute over payment of 50 paise less to buy a sachet of gutka in Rampur left a youth dead and his father-in-law critical.

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Don’t know how to boil an egg?

LONDON: Believe it or not, one in 20 British women doesn’t know how to boil an egg or prepare a breakfast.

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Youngest Grandmother at 23?


LONDON: A 23-year-old woman from Romania has claimed to have become the “world’s youngest grandmother”, a media report said.

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Car Without Driver Invented


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Urgent mail delivered in Pakistan after 20 years

ISLAMABAD: An urgent mail sent from Pakistan’s Toba Tek Singh town to Karachi 20 years ago in 1991 has finally been delivered.

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