INTRODUCTION ABOUT MBF / Matu Burma Foundation:

2011 feb 2

MBF is abbreviation name of Matu Burma Foundation.

As far as “peace” is concern, there must be in a state where different groups or parties meet together in a status quo, in a stage where they both can agree and keep cooperating on different emerges.

Naturally, man will agree on things where there is justice, fair and equally beneficial for every parties of group which involved. The main question remains unanswered is how do we distribute things equally our shares and how do we draw our justice system. After all, it’s all about our “System of doing things” (or) “system of governing”.

When we have a system which is not based on justice, equality and fairness, will there be continuously increasing hatred even among our bloodily related brothers and sisters in a family. Its will go on until we could adopt the right system, based on equality, justice, fair and respect. If so, in this stage, even our enemies can become one of our beloved friends. Only in that status, can we begin to do any trust building, development activities, and all-around-development work in a national political context.

Therefore, MBF strongly believes that it’s important for exile based political groups and ethnics’ organization to be working together in every level of moves and steps to achieve the goal to overthrown any dictatorship system or undemocratic government in Burma. By introducing the most important facts, such as, to introduce the right system based on open minded democratic system, justice (rule of laws), respect of human rights equality and fairness. The question is how shall we introduce those important facts into society? The answer is so simple that, we just need to reach grass-root level of every kind of society and including reaching every ethnic’s representatives from different groups under an umbrella organization/a place where all activists can freely operate together. At least we must fulfilled consensus level in order to proceed the plan.

MBF strongly believes that no representatives from different groups will join nor cooperate unless the “Umbrella Organization/ Open Discussion Forum” could introduces the right system and reserving enough space for all participants to take part in any activities equally. At the same time, the group must be based on genuine peace reconciliation structure (system based on fair structure), which will motivate them to move forward without doubts. That system could be found in MBF’s (Matu Burma Foundation) draft proposal.

What MBF is stand for?
MBF is abbreviation name of Matu Burma Foundation.

Why do we need MBF?
The current political turmoil in Burma is destroying trust among different ethnics group and political organizations. Moreover, it also interrupted various sectors of society, which will be almost impossible to repair without having trust and genuine peace among them.
Therefore, MBF is working on genuine peace reconciliation among different kind of ethnics groups, political organizations and social groups.

MBF strongly believes that in order to bring genuine peace among Burmese people needed to start fruitful dialogues and real negotiations among genuine representatives from all key players as a first step. The question is remains, who are genuine representatives and how do we elect to have genuine representatives? For that, you may follow details analysis which was done by MBF’s in the name of the so called “Analysis project proposal on Genuine Peace Reconciliation among different Ethnics Groups, different Political Organizations and Social Groups from Burma. (Start working as pilot project in Norway)”.

To whom MBF is representing for?
Matu Burma Foundation is not to be representing for any political, social and religious organization. Instead, it will be helping to advocate to give birth a kind of a new umbrella organization/forum/conference, where all kinds of genuine representatives members can meet, freely discuss, make important decision, and working for Burma and beyond for the better sake of mankind.

The umbrella organization/conference could be united all types of political organizations, different ethnics’ organizations, social sectarian group, religious groups and all different classes of Burmese citizens under the right system. Then will be a good start to form strong civil society, which would be strengthen by healthy knowledge.

To know more about us:
Contact: Jonathan Thang
(Email: mbfburma@gmail.com or Tel: 0047-9769 0451)