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Insein Prisoners Protest in Burma

This morning, there was an outcry in Insein Prison, starting from the shouts of our revolutionary heroes who had been wrongfully arrested.  It is estimated around 20 prisoners were killed by security and military personnel for causing protest inside the prison.  After the incident, military personnel took over all the security, arrest some prison guards and removed all the rest prison guards from their respective duties.

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Protesters Are Being Killed in the name of Covid-19 in Burma

According to one of our close witness has said (based on his first hands ground situation which he has seen by self) “Min Aung Hlaing led Military Terror group and SAC has misused the Covid-19 pandemic to silence protesters in Burma.”

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Advice to NUG & CRPH on Burmanization Policy

Burmanization is not what the Burmese are committing but the individual who misuses the Burmese for their own benefits, which the majority of Burmese need to see and fix the problems.

In this regard, no Burmese individual are committing crimes but a handful of people misused the name of Burmese for their benefits while creating mistrust among Burmese language speaking group and ethnics group. We all need to see clearly the real problem in order to provide the right medicine to heal the pain.

** ဗမာတို့ မြင်ဖို့ ***

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Good News Remedy for Covid-19

တကယ့်ကိုအားတက်စရာသတင်းပါ အတိုချုပ်ပဲပြောပြပါမယ်။

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Open Advice to China: Why Dictators Need To Back Up Each Other?

By Jonathan Thang

A lesson not to be forgotten!

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Open Advice to NUG/CRPH

How far the journey of Burmese revolution? Are we there yet soon?

ငါးကြင်းကြော်ဖိုဆီ ငါးကြင်းစီကရ ဆိုသလိုပဲ ပြိုင်ဘက်အင်အား ကိုယ့်အင်အား  ပြိုင်ဘက် ကိုယ့်လက်နက်ပဲပေါ..

ကိုယ့်ဆီနဲ့ကို ပြန်အကြော်မခံရပါစေနဲ့ တဲ…

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A First-hand witness on what is happening in Burma

Last month, I was arrested, detained at gun-point by 12 heavily armed soldiers, in Yangon.

The trauma experienced by people in Myanmar since the coup, 4 months ago, is pretty hard to put into words.

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