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President Thein Sein landed on Norway:

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On February 26, 2013 at 16.30 (GMT), Some Burmese activists were demonstarting infront of Hotel Continental where President Thein Sein and his delegates were staying during visits in Norway. The main reasons why protesters were gathering on arrival of President Thein Sein, was to show off their disagreement with Burma’s 2008 Constitution and undemocratic reforms.

One of activists Myint Aye said “Thein Sein is talking about Myanmar’s democratic reform, especially in Western countries. We can’t accept that. The main reason is that the current constitution is undemocratic. For example, the military constitutes 25 per cent of parliamentary seats without being elected. What’s more, the constitution does not guarantee autonomy for ethnic groups,” he said.

Protester Mon Aung, a singer who left Myanmar after the 1988 uprising, said the protest was held because the government was failing to implement democratic reforms. “We have neither rights for national races nor human rights,” he said. “If Myanmar continues its way forward with that constitution, it will remain under the rule of military government for next 50 years,” Mon Aung warned. “We have lived under military rule for over 50 years. No change happens. The government, which incarcerated democracy activists 20 years ago, is now making foreign tours to talk about democracy,” he added.

President’s Office Minister Soe Thein and Deputy Information Minister Ye Htut, both members of the delegation, reportedly met with two protesters (Nan Kyi Aye and Myint Aye) to discuss their reasons for demonstrating. According to Nan Kyi Aye, those ministers simply reasoning that they tried their level best to bring a fruitful democracy Burma among lots of hardliners.

Jonathan Thang (founder of Matu Burma Foundation – “Peace for Burma Movement”) said during the protest, “The 2008 Constitution is the main obstacles to move into a genuine democratic reform in Burma. No matter even if President Thein Sein and his governments try to work for peace and reforms, they will not success unless they make review and re-implement all the flaws from 2008 constitution. Burma must move forward under the right reforms as fast as possible, since we don’t have time to left behind other countries. If we can maintain a peaceful and stable in the country, there will not be very hard to begin with development program in order to catch up neigbours and the world. Even after the government can implement the right constitutions and the right systems in Burma, we may still need minimum of 3 generations to get mutual understanding and building trust among every ethnics group to join hands in a real unity.”

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During Norwegian Prime Minister’s State dinner party there were around 80 total attendees (4 Burmese activists from Norway, Norwegian ministers and President Theinsein and his delegates).  During dinner party, Jonathan Thang could somehow raised regarding on peace reform issues; cease-fire between KIA and military troops; and implementing federal issues to President’s Office Minister Soe Thein, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Thant Kyaw and some delegate at dinner party. At the mean time, Minister Soe Thein accepted 12 pages documents which were delivered by Jonathan Thang (prepared by Matu Burma Foundation Team).matupi ts

On February 27, 2013 President Thein Sein and his delegates meet with some Burmese from Norway at Oslo’s Literature House for nearly one and half hours. President Thein Sein delivers a speech for nearly 20 minutes and Minister Soe Thein deliver a long time consuming speech to attendees, as a result there were just few minutes remain to address questions from attendees. Anyhow, some of Matupi ethnics from Pa Lian Thang deliver 12 pages document to President’s delegates officially and Pa Tin Aung requested permit to rebuild Boltlang Christian Cross which was destroyed by Burmese troops on January 3, 2005 by direct order of Colonel San Aung. The 50feet tall concrete cross was erected by local Christians from Matupi region. Minister Soe Thein verbally granted to rebuild the cross in Matupi without financial compensation. Crosss

President Thein Sein was invited by leaders of all five countries as well as the president of the European Union. The European trip is the first of its kind for the president and his 18th overseas trip since taking office. The visit is intended to strengthen ties with Europe and increase foreign investment, the President’s Office said.

Those joining Thein Sein in Europe include Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services General Soe Win, Foreign Affairs Minister Wanna Maung Lwin, President’s Office Minister Soe Thein, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Thant Kyaw, Deputy Minister for Information Ye Htut, Deputy Minister for Environment and Forests Thet Thet Zin, Deputy Minister for Health Thein Thein Htay, and government department heads.


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