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China the most executed country in the world


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Old Regime Replace by New Form

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Burmese Fishermen Missing

Yangon: According to Irrawaddy, approximately 7,000 fishermen that were swept into the Andaman Sea during a tropical storm on March 14-16, a total of 3,374 have now been rescued, Continue reading

Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake hits Burma


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Urgent mail delivered in Pakistan after 20 years

ISLAMABAD: An urgent mail sent from Pakistan’s Toba Tek Singh town to Karachi 20 years ago in 1991 has finally been delivered.

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Facebook bans 20,000 underage users a day

MELBOURNE: Facebook has revealed that about 20,000 children are kicked off the social networking site every day for lying about their age to join the site.

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Orientation on MBF





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