Days of Importance for Burma

We have done our level best as an ordinary person to help Burma “to restore civilian government and terminate the military rebel rule for eternal”, the rest matter has to deal with anyone/group who has given a special mandate by the people of Burma through CRPH (Committee Representatives of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw/ Union Parliament). Therefore, I deeply apologized if I ever failed to do more than what I am allowed to do under the given circumstance.

(Mother Daw Su holds document paper)
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Who is behind GSC?

Inner sources disclosed the link between GSC (General Strike Committee) and Moe Te Zun. I read the book nearly 10 years ago which covers the whole incidents of ABSDF from Northern (KIA territory about Thankhe and his fellows) and Southern (KNU territory about Moe Te Zun and his fellows) how they treated their fellow inhumane ways. Better read the whole story in a book called “The Forgotten Justice under the shadow of the curse” or later version “Escape from The Ware Wolves”, (author by Smar Nyi Nyi). It appears to be the whole incidents were orchestra by Khin Nyunt’s spies under the disguise of Students. As a result, the innocent lives of students’ were sacrificed in vain.

Here is a short version to taste in Burmese:

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The Power of Civilians Movement

The Power of People in Burma:

The movement of people (CDM) indicates how strongly the Burmese yearn to have democracy in Burma even though Burma is surrounded by Communist dictator rule China and military rule Thailand. As a Myanmar, I am very glad to see the historic movement what the people of Burma come together unitedly and showing off the world that, we Burmese are absolutely not accepted brutal Military rebel groups ruling the country.

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Crossroad to determine for all the Ethnics-based Arms Groups and associations:

Burma’s political condition has turned into a boiling state and it is a crucial time for making decisions every minute for everyone what to do next. Especially, Ethnics arms groups have faced more pressure than ever to make the right decision compare to from the genesis time of their existence.

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Brief on Military Coup in Myanmar

As you might have heard already the situation in Burma/Myanmar, about military coup (illegal/to be considered as rebel arms forces from now on),  our elected Myanmar President U Win Myint, State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and many state department heads, ministers, state/regional ministers, activists, and writers were arrested. This action has no legal ground except illegal fraud charges as well as out of constitutional rights. Therefore, the elected members of parliament have declared the current military government is illegal (military chief Min Aung Hlaing has formed the so-called new government which is illegal and it is not accepted by Myanmar people).  Thus, international communities must not recognize them.

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Myanmar coup: Aung San Suu Kyi and Government officials detained as military seizes control

The Myanmar military detained the country’s de facto leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and President U Win Myint in the early hours on Monday, according to National League for Democracy (NLD) spokesperson Dr. Myo Nyunt. Some of the ruling party’s Central Executive Committee members, lawmakers and regional cabinet members have been taken into custody as well. The apparent military coup occurred just hours before the scheduled start of the first session of the new, NLD-dominated Parliament on Monday morning. Mobile phone services have been cut off in Naypyitaw.

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