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Statement of MSU

MSU’s Conference Statement

“Matupi Students Union” is committed to promote Matu people’s Education, Socio-economic status, Human Rights and Democracy. 

New Delhi / India

July 26, 2003

The lack of political freedom in today Burma is a major causative factor of the Nation’s educational breakdown. All social services in the country including most importantly, education services have drastically declined for years. Particularly, Matupi is one of the most affected regions educationally, socially, and economically within Burma.

Even students, who have no direct political involvement in pro-democracy uprisings and anti-government organizations, have been unable to live peacefully and perform academic study successfully as the result of social injustices and discrimination in their own country ruled by the military regime. Moreover, Matu people’s motivation to pursue proper education has been further crippled by the junta’s burmanization policy against the country’s minority ethnic groups. As such, Matu people have been undergoing life-insecurity, political persecution, and loss of educational opportunities under the current Burma’s weakening educational system. Therefore, hundreds of Matu students have been displaced in the neighboring countries such as Thailand, India, Malaysia, and other parts of the world, and their life-style without professional careers in their Diasporas has become a new emerging issue.

Recognizing the widespread effects of inaccessibility of quality education both within Burma and without, a group of Matu College & University students in exile held a historic meeting in New Delhi on the 26th of July, 2003, and formed an organization, later named as ‘Matupi Students Union’. Since then, the union has been committed to providing the various needs of all Matupi students including educational support as its primary objective.

Mission objectives:
(1)       To promote education of Matu people
(2)       To strengthen ‘Unity’ among the Matu students
(3)       To build co-operation with Burmese Democracy and Human Rights Organizations

Executive Committee members are as follows:

President Mang Vanlal Thang; B.B.A
Secretary Mang John S. Thang; Ph.D (Doctor in Philosophy of Geo-political Economic at Asian Perspectives);  M.A. (Human Rights), M.A. Religion;  MCA ; PGDCA; B.A
Associate Secretary Tuem Rita Laithang Khumi; B.A
Treasurer Tuem Laivet Mami; Th.D (Doctorate in Theology); M.Div.(Master in Divinity); B.Th. (Bachelor in Tehology)
Information Department Mang Daniel A Deng; B.B.A.

Sd -/-

Executive Committee


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Statement on MSU’s Conference

New Delhi

July 1, 2005

1) To mark the 2nd Anniversary of “Matupi Students Union” (acronym as MSU) founded in New Delhi in India.

2) To inspire nationalism among Matu students and all Matu people.

3) To increase active involvement in “Human Rights Activities and Freedom Movements” in Chin state and across the country of Burma.

4) The conference condemned the military government that destroyed a Christian Cross built on top of Boltlang of Matupi, the biggest cross in Burma.  It also called for religious freedom in Matupi region and all over Burma.

5) The conference renewed its determination to work for rebirth of freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of non-violence movements, and genuine democracy that guarantees fundamental human rights of Matu people and the people of Burma as a whole.

The Exiled Matupi Students Union Conference held on July 1, 2005 in New Delhi was successfully completed. And, the conference also elected Central Committee members for the service term of 2005-2007 and onward until next election is conducted as follows:

President Mang John Smith Thang (S.Korea), BA, PGDCA, MCA, M.A. (Human Rights), M.A. (Social Religion), Ph.D (Geopolitical Economic)
Vice President Mang Van Lal Thang (New Delhi), BTh, BBA
Vice President Mang Mesai Thang (India), BTh, M.A (Social Science), M.A. (Edu.)
General Secretary Mang Daniel A. Deng (New Delhi), BTh, BBA
Associate Secretary Tuem Rita Laithang Khumi (Canada), BCom, MA
Joint Secretary Mang Bahoe (India), BA
Treasurer Tuem Laivet Mami (Australia), BTh, M.A, Th.D
Information Department Mang Jonathan Thang (Norway), B.B.A (Business Administration, M.A (Economics), M.Ed Adm. (Offcampus program), Ph.D candidate (Asian Political Economic; Specialize on ASEAN countries)
E.C. member Mang Rolance (Australia), BA
E.C. member Mang Tlaunga (Mizoram, India), BA
E.C. member Mang A. M. Myint (India), BBA

Advisers Group:

Dr. Roland J. Pa Top Ph.D (Philisophy of Doctor in Education); M.A; B.A
Dr. Aung Lai Matu D.Min (Doctor of Ministry); M.Div.; BTh.
Rev. Patum M.Div (Master in Divinity Religious Studies); BTh.; BSc.
Nu Thimso M.Div,; BTh.; BSc.
Pu MK Daniel B.A
Pa Cang Loi B.A
Pa Hla Maung B.Com.

Sd -/- Central Committee

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