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Crossroad to determine for all the Ethnics-based Arms Groups and associations:

By Jonathan Thang (Ph.D candidate: Geopolitical Analyst on South-East Asia)

Burma’s political condition has turned into a boiling state and it is a crucial time for making decisions every minute for everyone what to do next. Especially, Ethnics arms groups have faced more pressure than ever to make the right decision compare to from the genesis time of their existence.

Most Ethnics-based arms groups have born for the common cause based on “to build a genuine federal (autonomous status) in Union of Burma under true democratic norms”. For that reason, many of them have to arms themselves since the time Ne Win refused to acknowledge the wills of Ethnics people after he took over the power of the President through a military coup in 1962.

Ethnics based arms groups have never achieved their dream throughout their struggle in history for the cause of Federal movement, instead, one after one were being demolished by the Myanmar military through different tactics (divide and rules policies; breaking unity among individual groups; giving special concession in return of cooperating in different fields; using both soft & hard power manipulation; granting semi-autonomous zone, etc.) After all, most ethnics based arms groups have fallen into the trap of Myanmar military leaders, as a result getting weaker and eventually collapsed.

Here is the question, how far did they (ethnics-based arms groups) ever achieve, and what benefits the people in their respective areas have ever gained? Which has to be answered by every civilian from each state, and the true answer is “action shows louder than words”.

Today, most military leaders and ethnics leaders are getting richer than anyone, even those who are very successful in doing business/investor can not able to level themselves to the so-called national leaders; which, simply indicates how deep corruption and moral degradation among the so-called national leaders from both Myanmar military leaders and ethnics’ leaders. After more than 3 decades of unsuccessful arms revolution by ethnics’ leaders, today is the time to think whether their cause and their movement are still relevant or not. If they really think their cause is unquestionable for the welfare of their own ethnics group, then this is the time they must choose how to accomplish it.

The old same strategy is leading nowhere other than a stalemate. Therefore to catch up the opportunity right in front of them is needed quick action, offered by State rebel Min Aung Hlaing and his association. Every ethnic Arms group must cooperate hand in hand to attack through military intervention from all corners, while the whole civilians are marching through civilians’ movements and public demonstrations. If ethnics’ leader failed to gap this golden opportunity right now, their dreams of “Genuine Federal state” is bound to fail and their existence will be gone after this mass revolution is over.

Caution on separatist:

When we claimed autonomous under a federal system, absolutely there is no mean of advocating to be separate from mother country Union of Burma; Instead, remaining within Union of Burma but to gain more independence on judiciary power distribution and more power to administer within the state-based the wills of civilians from within the state. As a result, each value judgment will not complicate one another state due to differences in culture, customs, and religions.

Having said that, every ethnic group is willing to have a genuine federal system in Burma, unfortunately, certain states seemed to have other versions than the rest. For example, “WA” has gained a special autonomous region within “Shan State” under cunning military secretary Khin Nyunt, as a result of taking part in demolishing the “Burmese Communist Party”. Military generals have handsomely rewarded the “WA” group which none of any ethnics arms group has ever received such a very lucrative reward in Burma.

“WA” has stepped further by required passports to enter their territory even for government employees who are supposed to station there to do the work assigned by the Union government. “WA” has to practice Chinese currency and Chinese language as an official in her territory. While “WA” had the right to do mega-projects, operating many business and investment projects in any location within the Union of Burma, what the good things do they ever offer back to the Union of Burma or for the whole civilians? They have distanced themselves from the Union of Burma while sucking out all-natural resources from across the country of Burma through associating with Chinese investors, which is something we have to think twice. Do “WA” really wants to be a part of the federal-state within Burma or do they really want to be a part of China? They must answer through action during crisis time.

China is eyeing every ethnic-based arms group to take up this golden opportunity to declare an autonomous state and eventually later join the Republic of China fully or partially. Since no small nation can survive without backing up by China. In return, China will take all the rights to explore natural resources, overcrowded Chinese people will flow into a small nation and overpopulated with Chinese (most original local ethnics will disappear later on); China will use debts trap double policy which She has done on many Africa countries and neighbors countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Burma, etc. (which utmost step will be ending by taking over the sovereignty of the nations). In the short-term, the promise and lucrative from China may very be tempted for leaders (immediate rich and gaining a certain level of administration power, etc.) but in the long run, Communist will devour all your dreams, your hard establishments, and your ethnic group. Think twice for the long-run, and act correctly before too late.


There is a certain consequence for any ethnics based arms organizations or states, for leaving the union of Burma. During this crucial time Burma is facing, some ethnics based arms organizations are declaring themselves as independent states or indicating forming a newly independent country instead of federal states within Union. What they really dismissing fact is that the trouble of nationwide political crisis, which needed to assist than ever or targeting to take parts of overthrowing military rebel group.

If any ethnics based arms organization wants to declare independent autonomous status, they must fight and drive out all military personnel from their own respective territory instead of just issuing a piece of statement, stating “we are declaring as an autonomous state or begin to rule our own territory from today onward, etc”. That is nonsense and will never come true without hard sacrifices.

What the ethnics-based arms organization really must do now is, to join hand in hand with the people of Myanmar and overthrow the Military rebel group, and ended the 2008 constitution along with this brutal Military rebel. Then only the new chapter can begin in Burma, genuine peace, development, and equal opportunity for everyone will be available. The good promises are waiting for us, and we have to make the right decision and act fast, now is the time ethnics arms group has to answer before too late.


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