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The Power of Civilians Movement

The Power of People in Burma:

The movement of people “Civil Disobedient Movement” (CDM) indicates how strongly the Burmese yearn to have democracy in Burma even though Burma is surrounded by Communist dictator rule China and military rule Thailand. As a Myanmar, I am very glad to see the historic movement what the people of Burma come together unitedly and showing off the world that, we Burmese are absolutely not accepted brutal Military rebel groups ruling the country.

The CDM (Civil Disobedient Movement) shows that the people of Myanmar are dying to cry out to restore Democracy in Burma neither Communist nor dictatorship rule ever again.

No Connection Between CDM and GSC:

It is a shame that some opportunists come out in this critical time to take credit by misleading the world. The current CDM public demonstration is nothing to do with GSC, people come out voluntarily on street to show their disagreement with the military coup and demanding to restore civilian NLD-led democratic government whom they have voted on Nov. 8, 2020.

Today (Feb.22, 2012) BBC World news even confused that whether GSC (General Strike Committee) is the one organizing the movement of people (as CDM) from behind the curtain. The answer is an absolute “no”, there is no link between CDM and GSC. GSC played no role in this movement. CDM movement began from day 1 of February after a military coup took place, by beating the homemade drum as a ritual evil-driving movement at every home. After 7 days CDM movement steps up next level by marching on-street as public demonstrations to show their non-violence movement. GSC came out after 3 weeks of CDM movement occurs. GSC group tries to confuse people by indicating that they are the ones who organized CDM movement.

This is psycho warfare created by the military rebel leader through using some puppet group from within or outside the country. GSC is not related to the current CDM activists but merely opportunists. Everyone must reject GSC group and distance from them. If they are ever close to you and try to associate with you, drive them out and don’t let them associate with you at any cost. Aware of that GSC trying to defaming CMD movement and create mistrust among CDM activists. All media groups and international communities must aware of the bogus GSC group and don’t let them confused you.


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