Days of Importance for Burma

By Bungtla Vakok

Some Burmese activists from Norway have done their level best during this time of uncertainty and warrisome. According to an activist Jonathan Thang, “As an ordinary person to help Burma in this critical time “to restore civilian government and terminate the military rebel’s rule for eternal”, the rest matter has to deal with anyone/group who has given a special mandate by the people of Burma through CRPH (Committee Representatives of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw/ Union Parliament). Therefore, I deeply apologized if I ever failed to do more than what I am allowed to do under the given circumstance.”

(Photo 1. Mother Daw Su holds proposal document papers of “21st Century Panglong Type Peace Conferene” )

Photo 1: Delivered a proposal of, “21st Century Panlong Type Peace Conference” issue, Part One focus on (Emphasizing the urgent need to be raised), Part Two focus on (How to implement the process, which has not delivered due to out of respect, leaders of Burma would have better strategic ways of implementation than my point of view), (Mother DASSK holds the paper in her hands). Unfortunately, the process is still unsuccessful yet due to military rebel has always disturbed on the process and different approach methods of certain leaders.

(Photo 2. Burmese activists Jonathan, Kyaw Thwin and former Norwegian Prime Minister K.M. Bodnevik)

Photo 2: At Norwegian Parliament, raising strategic ways of involvement or intervention from international communities on Burma. We are fortunate to have someone who is actively engaging to raise the Burmese issue at the local and international diplomat level called Kjell Magne Bodnevik, (former Norwegian Prime minister and current leader of Oslo Center of Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights.)

(Photo 3. Jonathan’s presentation on “Bargaining Tactics procession at international arena”

Photo 3: the old one, but still functional and effective techniques presented on how to deal agreement with international communities to some Burmese activists at the office of Norwegian Burma Committee, Oslo.

Peace on Burma!

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