Revelation of The Man Behind The Curtain

than shwe in new form

Who Runs Burma’s designated 2008 Constitution, 2010 Election & Half baked Democratic System of Burma from behind the Curtain:
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Open Invitation To All Burmese Activists in Norway

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Will Burma ever make a “U-turn” moves during the so called transition to democratization ?

theinsein 1

By Jonathan Thang

Former military man who turned head of USDP and state, President Thein Sein promised that Burma will not make a move “U” turn in this reform process during a toured to 5 European countries Continue reading

Kolram President Thein Sein kah Europe Tour

Pathen mingneh natui sa boehding ucoi ni tila ngaiuep doeah greeting kansai uh. Hninhang kah olthang boeih naming uh tangtae bangla, Kol ram kah President Thein Sein Norway ah hampha vaeng kah olthang bet yaaksak ham kangaih. Continue reading

President Thein Sein landed on Norway Soil:

norway pm n ts

On February 26, 2013 at 16.30 (GMT), Some Burmese activists were demonstarting infront of Hotel Continental where President Thein Sein and his delegates were staying during visits in Norway. Continue reading

Brief Theory of Chin History

Presented by Mark Hau Lian Khup (M.A. History)

In honor of Chin National Day

By the grace of God, we are going to hold our 65th Anniversary of our Chin National Day, which falls on 20th of February of 2013. First of all, I would like to exaggerate about the term, “Chin”.

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Still Existing Discrimination Based On Ethnicity And Religion In Burma

kachinStill Existing Discrimination Based On Ethnicity and Religion in Burma:

Under successive Burmese governments, people of non-Burma ethnic and non-Buddhist background find themselves discriminated against their Burman Buddhist counterparts in education, employment and various levels of civil service.  Continue reading