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Burma’s Strategic Deal based on Geopolitical-economic interests

By Jonathan Thang

On March 13, 2023

Min Aung Hlaing-led Myanmar junta troops massacred again 23 civilians including a female resident and three Buddhist monks during a raid on Nam Name Village in Pinlaung Township, southern Shan State on Saturday, according to resistance groups. (Source from Irrawaddy)

Since the military coup on February 1, 2021, Min Aung Hlaing-led military forces have committed countless crimes including genocide, bombing, destroying towns and villages by burning houses. Thousand of civilian lives have perished, both shot dead and torched with fire in buildings (burned to death).

We have enormous evidence and witnesses, the same international communities already knew long ago, which is enough evidence to bring them justice or punish by the international communities through the UN or ICC. But it will never occur unless effective initiative and lobbying of powerful countries are involved, in order to take action and punish severely Min Aung Hlaing-led military terror group. It has to be done on our own initiative or with the help of like-minded civilized human societies around the world through securing the right political deal.

As for international communities, for whom expenses will they help? They all have a bunch of their own internal and external problems waiting to be solved. Therefore, it is important to establish an urgent beneficial deal for them (International Political Players) to be involved in Burma’s problem. The deal must be not only fair but also profitable for them personally/individually, for the team, for both governing and opposition parties, for the country’s interest, etc. Otherwise, why would they really be involved in? Will they benefit any in this regard? That’s why politicians are responsible to laid out the deal which should be a better strategy than normal business terms.

I can’t understand why NLD-led CRPH/NUG has not been able to understand the simple basic level yet. Meeting World leaders are not enough, it is just a part of the process, and should be known that the process alone is not difficult for any capable one to conduct but securing the deal. Securing the deal needs require actions and techniques. It can only be done by the group that has fully mandated by the Burmese citizens (power given by the people of Burma through the election in a democratic country). Therefore, no other person or group has the right to be involved in any political deal without being assigned by the elected members of parliament. Therefore, they must know how, otherwise, must request help from professionals in the process. In this Burma’s Revolution process, (especially CRPH and NUG) anyone pretending to know how to deal with international communities without actually knowing, is not only deceiving the people of Burma but betraying the revolution.

NLD-led CRPH has rejected the offer from two well-known international public figures, who could travel around the world to make a powerful lobby action for Burma’s democratic transition in a speedy way. They have enough resources including finance and intelligence sources; and importantly a proper backup by concerned government agencies. There is not a single person in Burma except Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, who has a public figure and is well-known on the level of the World stage. But what NLD-led CRPH said was “we will do our own, instead of letting foreigners do the lobby acts”. Do NLD-led CRPH really have the capacity to do it on their own? This is a serious matter to think about the current process and where we are heading now and what steps to take urgently.

I personally don’t see any satisfactory level yet of NLD-led CRPH and NUG able to conduct lobby activities toward international communities. They can’t even secure the easiest deal within Burma with regional stakes holders, EAOs. If so, how can they able to secure at the international level? We Burma have a lot of useless people involved in politics without understanding what politics means. I believe, Burma is the only country anyone can do anything without any professional education and background, which leads to undesirable results in every sector of social life, economy, and political matter. It has to be fixed as soon as possible.

As soon as the military coup take over the country, We, a group of 6 persons discussed with the previous US ambassador to Myanmar, Derek Mitchell, regarding US’s policy and possible US reaction and possible direct or indirect engagement in this revolutionary process. He has clearly informed us what the US could do at the utmost, but it does not involve military action at all. Therefore, it purely depends on how well Burma’s political players could adopt the right strategy (current NLD-led CRPH and NUG) and can make a deal. That will decide the US’s future policy and its involvement in the Burma Revolution journey.


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