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Burma’s Spring Revolution and Its hidden Story Part I

By Jonathan

I am going to present the whole story of current Burma’s Spring Revolution and its strategy, once the right signal turns green from concerned organizations and friends.

Today, I will share a short introduction.

Anyone who wants to lead the revolution process must learn or acquire certain leadership skills before holding a leadership position, especially in this Burma’s Spring Revolution.

The current leadership, most of them are not ready to lead in the current revolution process. Man must engage in a certain professionalism in what he is good at, otherwise, the person will not lead his/her own destruction but the innocent lives of the whole people of Burma.

It is understandable that every human has their own positive contribution and certain skills that they are good at and it has to be focused only on what they are really good at instead of playing with the life of innocent people of Burma without the proper skill to lead.

There are certain Strategies which are urgently needed to implement correctly in this Burma’s Spring Revolution:

1. Lobbying around International Communities and local EAOs (Ethnic based Armed Organizations) by securing mutually beneficial deals. The activities are an ongoing process, but the outcomes are not satisfactory level yet.

a). At the international level, each country’s governing political party and opposition must be fully informed of the deal and must be done MoU before the matter took up at the parliament level.

b). Local EAOs level must be treated as an equal level instead of a dominion nature by CRPH-led NUG. The main thing is the “Federal Agreement” which includes certain power-sharing and introducing certain cooperation agreements. (The deal is not fair for EAOs and the methods of NUG’s approach toward EAOs are unacceptable. I have talked with various EAOs about the latest status and the deal that NUG has offered. Absolutely unacceptable the way how NUG approach and the time which has consumed over 2 years without any satisfactory level results)

2. Military Cooperation at War-Strategic Office: (WAR Office)
Once the local level EAOs are agreed upon, the military cooperation must be done quickly and each representative has to seat at War-strategic Office to cooperate together and monitor closely. Military combat action has to start all over the country on the same day, at the same time under the command of the War Office. NUG can not play as a commander here, but just as a coordinator among EAOs.

3. Local PDFs, CDFs, and civilians are not to act anymore and never should have been on their own but under the command of the War Office. Their action should keep remaining silent until the nationwide military combat action begins. Otherwise, they would be wiped out by Min Aung Hlaing-led military terror group.

4. NUG must stop local demonstration activities and CDM movements. The local demonstration does not need anymore since the demonstration had taken place enough after the military coup. The whole world knew what is going on inside Burma. There the current new demonstration activities are not necessary instead of inviting self-destruction by Min Aung Hlaing-led military terror. Human resources and precious life must be preserved for the right time.

There is no use in asking to become CDM by public servants. What is the use of CDM? Only to be hungry and exposed to alert military men that they are fully opposed to be killed or jailed? They should keep working where they belong until nationwide reformation and military combat action begins. So that human resources could be prepared for the great day and able to enforce the revolution action.

The most important for CDM is only military soldiers and police personnel forces. The reason is, without becoming CDM, they would have to follow orders to kill and harm others. Therefore, they must become CDM members.

PS: I have been raising the above issues as soon as the military coup took place in Burma while discussing with various Burmese politicians including NUG’s defense chief. Many seemed to be still difficult to digest between what is reality and wishful thinking.

မောက်မာပြီး အောက်ခြေမလွတ်ဖို့လည်း သိပ်ကိုအရေးကြီးတယ်။


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