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Dream of World Power vs China’s Plan on USA

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang sharply criticized coordinated sanctions against Beijing by the EU, Britain, the US and Canada over human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China’s far western Xinjiang region.

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Burma Needs Military Intervention from International Community

UN attempts to take action on Min Aung Hlaing-led rebel/terror group while US ban travels to Burma (4th level) signaling serious action to take place.

NOTE: (What is a level 4 travel warning?

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United States Targets Burmese Military Forces for Repression of Pro-Democracy Protests

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U.S. Commitment to values-based global leadership and Condemning Myanmar Military Coup:


Today, President Joe Biden hosted Permanent Representatives from the UN Security Council, where he reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to values-based global leadership and re-engagement with international institutions, in particular the United Nations. The President reiterated the importance of working with global partners and through multilateral institutions to end the pandemic, improve global health security, and ensure that our nations drive an equitable and sustainable economic recovery. President Biden also announced to the gathering that the United States intends to formally join the United Nation’s Group of Friends on Climate and Security.

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Loans from China: Debt-trap diplomacy or necessary development financing?

Today we have a seminar debate at Oslo University, the title is “Loans from China: Debt-trap diplomacy or necessary development financing?” Many think China’s loans, which might have debt-trap for poor countries. Most of the Chinese loans are providing to former countries the stronghold of western countries for several decades. But China succeeds to take over the position of western countries’ playground through her “BRI (Belt Road Initiatives) and OBOR (One Belt One Road)”.


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Role of Corporations and Lobbyists behind Burma’s Reformation

T S regime

Foreign Policy of America:
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Money & Politics In A Country

mbf pol news

The story of the boiled frog from OSI news: The poor creature is coaxed into the water. Then the heat is turned up, little by little. Before long, the water’s boiling, the frog’s cooked—and he never saw it coming.

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