Role of Corporations and Lobbyists behind Burma’s Reformation

T S regime

Foreign Policy of America:
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Money & Politics In A Country

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The story of the boiled frog from OSI news: The poor creature is coaxed into the water. Then the heat is turned up, little by little. Before long, the water’s boiling, the frog’s cooked—and he never saw it coming.

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The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Award To European Union

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Europe’s Economic Depressinly Dark Ahead Beyond 2012

A new survey reveals that more than 40 percent of the Europeans are pessimistic about the future outlook of the European Union (EU).

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Aung San Suu Kyi To Attend Award Distribution In US

Yangon:     Aung San Suu Kyi will receive the Congressional Gold Medal—the highest civilian award of the US Congress—at the Capitol on Sept. 19 amongst many other honors during next week’s historic tour of the United States.

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Will the Norwegian Government able to persuade Burmese Generals into a “U” turn?

by Jonathan Thang, Office Assistant at Sørlandet UN Office, Norway

(Jonathan Thang har jobbet som praktikant ved FN-sambandet Sør. Han er selv fra Chin-folket, en av Burmas etniske minoritetsgrupper. Foto: Privat)

Burma has been moving forward in terms of democratization and international relationships.  Unexpected moves followed by releasing a lot of prominent political prisoners, allowing Aung San Suu Kyi to contest by-election to be held in April, start doing cease-fire talks with ethnics arms groups, and so on.

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Is That Real Cange In Myanmar/Burma?

Why should Hillary Clinton go to Myanmar? The short answer is to encourage the best chance at real political change in a country that effectively cloistered itself under harsh military rule for nearly five decades. Myanmar, or Burma, has been the virtual political ball and chain of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which it joined in 1997. Secretary Clinton plans to visit on December 1–2, becoming the first U.S. secretary of state to do so since John Foster Dulles 50 years ago.

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