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Crimes against Humanity committed by Min Aung Hlaing led Military Rebels (The Worst Terrorist group in the world).

By Jonathan Thang

Here are images of brutal killing on unarmed civilians for protesting against the illegal military coup. The military rebel has used air-strike, snipers, tear gas, and deadly real ammunition. Since a military coup took place (February 1, 2021), over 3000 Politicians, writers, academicians, and activists are being detained (still remains unknown how many actual numbers are being arrested at nights at different locations).

There are above 760 killed including kids and children (still remain unknown how many actual numbers are being killed at nights at unknown locations). Unarmed civilians were being shot dead by snipers and police using deadly weapons which are designed to use at war. See photos (Images speak louder than words)

Terrorist leader Min Aung Hlaing-led military rebels are committing the greatest crimes that a human could ever do on a fellow human being. Most of the criminals and gangsters from various prisons throughout the country were being released, estimated at around 3000 of them were deployed in various locations in civilian dress and armed with knives, weapons to beat protesters and eventually killed among protesters by portraying the images as protesters have conflicts among themselves. Some of them were injected with certain drugs so that the criminals could be acts as they have instructed and to control them.

Criminals are instructed to burn houses and create riots among civilians. Soldiers who have served in the front battle were instructed to wear police uniforms and crackdown brutally on protesters. In the meantime, some economically backward groups are being hired to demonstrate by chanting to favor military rebels. Min Aung Hlaing-led military rebels are more than terrorist groups, worst than ISIS, and Al-Quade. The fact is, a terrorist group just incite riots and done destruction. But Min Aung Hlaing led rebel military (terrorist organization) did not only act destruction alone but pretend to take the position as a savior, by playing double faces. This is dangerous and effectively able to persuade international communities as they wish.

One sad thing is that innocent civilians are being detained for demanding their rights. On the other hands, most dangerous criminals are being released from prisons and instructed to work as a hitman in the disguise of normal civilians. The world needs to acts fast if democracy has to survive in Burma and around the world, otherwise, evildoers and authoritarian type leaders will be increasing in the region against the wills of people. That might send the wrong signals to countries around the world that, arms groups can acts as they wish regardless of the desire of the majority people.


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