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Atrocities Min Aung Hlaing led Military rebels

The photos of brutality

The so-called “SAC” (State Administration Council) led by Min Aung Hlaing and his Military rebel had arrested and tortured to death unarmed civilians inhumane ways. How they open up the body of someone and took out parts of the body is too barbarian acts. In the mean time, sending a signal to make sure the victim will never come to life again and intend to scare of anyone who participated in demonstrations to face the same results if they defy illegal military’s rulership. This Min Aung Hlaing led military rebel and association must be punished the strongest term by international communities. The World must acts now before too late.

Atrocities Min Aung Hlaing led military rebel (Terrorist Association)

The group that claims to be protecting the country is destructing laws and order around the whole country. In order to do destructive actions, soldiers and police are destroying any CCTV camera wherever they find them in order to hide their evil actions.

If the country is being full of violence by civilians, will soldiers and police really have a chance to sleep on the street peacefully? NO, they are the one who is inciting riots and knowing civilians are not harmful, that’s why they could sleep in peace without worry. (The images speak louder).

NOTE: When the world is left with who has a moral plight to protect our fellow humankind, the people of Burma just need a miracle from God since the world is full of egotism. Surely man understands the pain when it knocks on your own door. You all are responsible for just being watching let the evildoers do their dirty work without interference. Shame on you all who block the action of UNSC (Russia and China), Srilanka (recently giving a signal to dealing diplomatic relationship with Military rebel instead of people’s elected CRPH. They must pay the price for destroying democratic movement in Burma.

Bullet wound on civilian
brutal acts 1
brutal acts 2


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