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Revelation of The Man Behind The Curtain

than shwe in new form

Who Runs Burma’s designated 2008 Constitution, 2010 Election & Half baked Democratic System of Burma from behind the Curtain:

By Jonathan Thang
November 16, 2013

The only option of Safety Exits:
As we all aware the background history of dictatorship system in Burma or other countries, we can definitely see how they usually ended up in the end.

General Ne Win was one of the most powerful and the one who exercised his muscles unlimitedly during his days. All of his followers were not the only group who at least knew how a dictator could persuade things by force, if needed. By observing all those events, man can imagine how a dictatorship system could damage the country and a dictator himself could ended up in unimaginable ways once a new dictator is arise.

Gen. Than Shwe and Gen. Khin Nyunt were Gen. Ne Win’s somehow hands picked inheritance to rule Burma. Under the leadership of Gen. Than Shwe, former dictator Gen. Ne Win was under house-arrested along with almost all of his entire family members, and all of his close aides were removed from their posts. Ne Win was treated inhumane ways and felt so humiliated in his last days by his own dog, later died as not more than an ordinary person or worsens.

There is no other way Gen. Than Shwe have to choose rather than Democratic system in Burma in his final days, since it is the only way of his safety exit. It is neither because of oppositions group nor any revolution arm groups. But it is very simple that he doesn’t want to face the same fate as General Ne Win or any other dictator in the world. There is no doubt, at least Than Shwe worries for his authorized gangster or morally undisciplined grandson and his deceiving family’s future as not to be face the same as his former boss General Ne Win.

Roles of Opposition groups

There are basically three different kinds of opposition groups in Burma:

The first group is Arms-revolution groups. Usually, this group organized themselves based on ethnicity or territory boundary with or without taking any consultation from the ethnics group to whom they say they are represent for (Mostly they don’t represent even for their own ethnics group as they claimed. i.e. CNF “Chin National Front”). It seemed most this type of groups are celebrating now with followers of dictators turn civilian government as “Robber gang and thieves are sharing their stolen goods” in harmonious ways.

Therefore, it is vital important to verify and authenticate if the opposition or the so called ethnics’ representatives are truly represent who they said they represent for. Because there are the so called armed opposition/resistant group who works only for their own interest rather than the interest of the innocent civilians and the real minority ethnics group which they claim represent for.

The Second group is the group who organized themselves as a political party or organizations. Most of these groups simply prefer to be called as politicians even though some of them may have posesses neither strategical activities nor any accountable achievement or may be totally lack of education and knowledge to act as politicians. Some of them are barely existed by name sake as a body without head. Currently the so called exile bogus activists are trying hard to get visit-Visa or permission to enter Burma in any reasons, so be it from Norway or others parts of the world. They are not worries to claim human rights and genuine democratic system to take place in Burma rather than focusing more to face the consequence to be rejected entry visa from any Burmese embassy, since some of them have already obtained citizenship of foreign country.

Even though the so called Thein Sein government proclaimed as a democratic country, they still locked hundreds of political activists, social activists & human rights activists behind bars. Still keeping the group of “Blacklists names” on their tables (especially, those who are involved or being involving in genuine democratic change and human rights). Therefore, it is important for human rights activists and democratic activists to continue their noble work in order to maintain justice and genuine democratic systems to take place in Burma. In the mean time, I do not blame on any individual Burmese activists although some may turning away from their unfinished nobel work. But, I would like to make sure that one must silent when he/she has no more interest in the caused of nobel work in justice, human rights and genuine democracy system which they were once cooperated instead of keep blocking the ways of other activists/group, who are still active for the better of the country sake.

The third group is individual social activist, human rights activist, or independent media organization, basically those who are interested to involve in the cause of democratic change in Burma’s political system by voluntarily. Somehow they may or may not achieved to cooperate with the so called existed political organizations or revolution groups. But should they act as they wish instead of following the norms of democracy and human rights which international communities are logically accepted one? Well, it has to be given a thought seriously.

As I have written in the article under the tile called “Will Burma every make a ‘U-turn move’ during transition of democracy in Burma” (www.matupi.org), the roles of opposition groups was almost invisible/ almost nothing contribution in this current transition of democracy in Burma. There is no doubt that, some may argue in different ways. But, if I may allow to argue, I would certainly claim that currently Burma is a democratic country, which is based on injustice/unfair constitution and flawed election which is designated to rule by military men in civilian form. My argument is based on the way how I see things from various points of views and based on reliable news which I have done through proper research work, somehow which may have undisputable support of well educated scholars and who understand logical reasons minded one.

Divide and rule policy still effective to demolish ethnics group:

There are numbers of individual scholars, educated personnel who were being invited or secretly being met with the military regime for cooperation in return to get a certain positions in the various department of government or to get license to operate commercial business. Surely, they do understand well about there is no better chance to cooperate with these military men turned civilian government than seeking unsuccessful their dreaming jobs in other countries with limited education background, races and knowledge. That’s why, if you are aware, you can check out those who are recently return back to the country in various reasons but eventually to cooperate directly or indirectly with the regime and to support the current’s injustice democratic system of Burma, where international communities have no more roles to play unless the regime let them play in its.

Oppositions groups were being divided by military regime from the time of revolution have begun. Ethnics groups were never able to reached common agreement in order to cooperate for a meaningful common interests in the process of revolution. That is one of the main reasons why ethnics groups fail to overcome revolution.
Lack of leadership skills and lack of wills power to cooperate among ethnics groups simply lead to the fall of every ethnic’s group fate. Even though there were a times that, combination of all ethnics group were much stronger and more advance than the military forces, but it has never happen to be fully cooperated among ethnic armed group in order to overthrow military regime. It is simply proved that there is a lack of the right man to lead them, lack of strategy and extreme egoism.

Norway alone washed away over $534 millions of Burma’s debts. Most of debts were totally responsible by the former administration and military rulers since they have taken loans which were more benefited for themselves than innocent civilians. Therefore, clearing debts simply doesn’t mean that it helps Burmese citizens, rather it helps military men. Is that a reward to gangsters when they could rule Burma officially by rigging vote systems?

Burma’s annual income from natural resources alone is more than US$ 2 billion
(US$ 2.94 billion/2011-2012;
2.52 billion/2010-2011;
2.91 billion/2009-2010;),

Therefore, if the rulers of the country are willing to fulfill the basic needs of civilians, they have so many ways to do and enough means to do so. They may not need a single penny of financial assistance from other countries to fulfilled basic needs of civilians. Unfortunately, Burma’s natural resources income were never appear into national income nor never came up on national budget program. It seems all are gone in the hands of top generals and some of them directly go into military budget.

According to insider information, military top generals have created a middleman/puppet business man called “Tay Za”, (A candidate for the Forbes billionaire lists, who is well known as richest man in Burma. “Tay Za” didn’t own what it described in news, but all things belong to top generals, and they used him as their safety. More over they provided him, lot of military hardware equipments deals and granted to do lot of different business opportunities including hotels & tourism sector to logging sector, etc. So that top generals will somehow able to distance from publics’ criticism and diverted to “Tay Za”. After all, the current democratic system is perfect time for them to behave like a gentleman and dominate forever under half-baked democracy or military men’s well-designed democracy system.

After all, will you be a person who helps Than Shwe to fulfill his ill-wills for Burma or are you become one of a “pawn” to Than Shwe’s politic chess game to dance as they wish?


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