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Will Burma ever make a “U-turn” moves during the so called transition to democratization ?

theinsein 1

By Jonathan Thang

Former military man who turned head of USDP and state, President Thein Sein promised that Burma will not make a move “U” turn in this reform process during a toured to 5 European countries (late February and early March 2013). Even though President Thein Sein’s government bullied the whole world with the most lucrative flavor of effectively well design bogus reform, unfortunately his merit could not help to hide all their empty promises and dirty acts by wiping out ethnic groups one after one.

Let us get on straight to highlight what international communities and citizens of Burma are being misled:

In order to get credit from international communities and their approval, Thein Sein government pretends to show off that they have succeed remarkable steps by having bogus ceasefire agreement with ethnic armed groups and bogus democracy flavor. It was just a show as you may aware by observing several occasions of wars were being broke out between Burmese military and Kachin Army and Shan in the name of “Myanmar Peace Initiative Movement” which is unfortunately supported by Norwegian government and European Union. Finally Kachin armed groups are being cast out from their own territory while the government is giving a word to international communities that they are still on the process of reaching ceasefire agreement with ethnic armed group. The same applied to Shan and the rest of ethnics groups and it is still on the process of being plug out one after one in the name of ceasefire agreement, peace and stability.

International communities do not see what the real interest of innocent civilians and ethnics groups from Burma, but their own profitable business deal with civilian dress military men. In the long run, it will not only damage the interest of local innocent people but it will also spread degrading moral attitude beyond Burma, and the reputation of international communities’ roles and responsibilities, in the mean time their status is being discredited.

Lack of leadership skills and lack of wills power to cooperate among ethnics groups simply lead to the fall of every ethnic’s group fate. Even though there were a times that, combination of all ethnics group were much more stronger and more advance than the military forces, but it’s never happen to be fully cooperate among ethnic armed group in order to overthrow military group. It simply proved that there is a lack of the right man to lead them, lack of strategy and extreme egoism.

Divide and rule policy still effective to demolish ethnics group:

Oppositions groups were being divided by military regime from the time of revolution has begun. Ethnics groups were never able to reach common agreement in order to cooperate for a meaningful common interest in the process of revolution. That is one of the main reasons why ethnics groups fail to overcome revolution. Even President Thein Sein’s recent trip to Norway was somehow proved that how Thein Sein government manipulated upon opposition groups in Norway by inviting one of the most active opposition group NLD-LA to make a peace deal in Burma prior to President Thein Sein’s visit to Norway. NLD-LA group were being keep to wait several weeks at Thai-Burma border until President Thein Sein’s Europe mission was completed. So that mainly members of NLD-LA group who active in Europe will be unable to make any major critic during President Thein Sein visit to Europe. President Thein Sein and his team were reluctant to face any demonstration without including major political activists. Even they could somehow succeed to abolish NLD-LA Norway branch by their cronies in Norway. The NLD-LA group returned with empty promised and no remarkable yield during meeting in Burma but President Thein Sein returned Burma with a big smile.

Let us go back to the history of civil war: whenever there was a war broke out between any ethnics armed group and military group, there will be only one ethnic armed group at the time who are engaging war with Burmese army for defending themselves, since the rest of ethnic armed groups are reached under ceasefire agreement or they are already fled from their base ground.

Fail strategy:

Opposition groups and ethnic armed groups were failed to apply the right strategy again and again from the beginning. According 2008 constitution stated that “The constitution requires a majority of more than 75 percent to pass legislation, while 25 percent of seats are reserved for the military. Amending the constitution requires a vote in which more than 50 percent of elected officials must support the amendments. In 2008 constitution, there is no intention to implement federal system and no to guarantee for the rights of ethnics groups and civilians. NLD party led by Aung San Suu Kyi contested by-election in April 2012 although knowingly totally unacceptable flaws of the 2008 constitution drafted by military men.

The Constitution was written under the former military government in which current President Thein Sein was prime minister, and the USDP was set up largely as a civilian proxy of the military. “At present, the constitution is the most difficult constitution in the world to amend, the most difficult,” Suu Kyi told reporters. “If we want to amend the constitution, we have to change the process of amendment.” But Suu Kyi said at the meeting that the party which she leads, the National League for Democracy (NLD), and the USDP had agreed to work together on drafting the amendments. “If they really want to change the constitution, there’s no reason not to fully co-operate with them,” Suu Kyi said. “All together we can co-operate. The USDP made a proposal to organize the committee to amend the constitution. We did support that proposal.”

The strategy which Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD are using is a dangerous game in politics. Since 2012 after Aung San Suu Kyi contested to win by-election, the political environment in Burma is totally change. But the word “change” simply doesn’t means to be a better one or to the right direction. After analyzing all the in formations what we have received proved that the military men will dominated politic in Burma forever in the name of democracy. The same group is dominating and taking control of every major decision making body of the government in the name of “reform”. This strategy will never bring into the right paths of genuine democracy and peace in Burma. In that case, why should President Thein Sein and his government wants to make a “U” turn? Since this “change” has make them legal ruler of the country in the name of democracy from the status of illegal ruler. After all, the same wicked people from military men will dominate the country forever under civilian dress by granting unimportant positions to power hungry immature politicians and selfish opposition groups.

Under the name of Democracy and peace, more and more ethnic groups are being wiped out from their own territories. Most of innocent civilians’ lands are being confiscated in the name of development project which is directly responsible by international communities and whosoever cooperating with the civilian dress military men regime. The fact is that there is nothing to be compromise if we really wanted to find out the truth. The truth is to grant the rights to the one who is entitled to have their own rights. As long as someone doesn’t rob the rights of other, there will be peace.


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