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Security Council Arria formula meeting on Myanmar

By Bungtla Vakok

UNSC’s result bring “Hope of Light at the end of Tunnel”

Among Burmese representatives, Sai Sam Kham’s presentation is the most favorable, Kyaw Moe Htun’s presentation is helpful, and Daw Zin Mar Aung’s presentation is good but not good enough as a representative of the interim government to demand what the Burmese really needs and expectation from international communities in this critical period. (good at presenting what occurs in Burma but weak to appeal what the people of Burma really need from International communities of what and how etc. is incomplete. Saying “the people of Burma is ready to pay the price to get democracy back” alone is not enough of what and how the international communities should be helping Burma).

The most important things that they all neglect to appeal are requesting immediate military intervention directly from UN or US-led allies and to provide assistance with arms and technology to CRPH lead interim government in order to take action on Min Aung Hlaing led Miltary rebel. In second important fact is, demand to cut all diplomatic ties and business relationships between Min Aung Hlaing-led SAC group and international communities.

Anyway, the most important is how international communities will respond to Burma issues? Well, the US’s current ambassador Linda Thomas- Greenfield has assured that the United States will do whatever they can to restore back democratically elected civilian government along with her allies. Mrs. Linda makes sure that the military coup will not succeed, the US will take action in many forms and brought accountable for any action & atrocities what the military has taken in Burma.

Her most remarkable words for the people of Burma are “To the restoration of democracy back in Burma with the help of allies; helping Burma to achieve a peaceful country, what Burma deserve and we ought to help them”. Be strong all the people in Burma, the help is coming soon!


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