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Successful Future VIP Investment for Burma

Find your calling in life for a Successful Business

A few key steps to finding one’s calling are:

• Work for whomever you admire the most

• Figure out what you are bad at and avoid all of it

• Choose work that interests you

The way to wealth is to be exceptionally good at something. If you are the best at whatever it may be, people are going to pay you well and that value can’t be destroyed by inflation. Nobody can take away your talent.

Rather than adopting a scarcity mindset of penny-pinching to avoid spending on the little pleasures of life, a more positive approach is to embrace an abundance mindset and focus on increasing your earning power. It is true that reducing your expenses shortens the time it takes to reach financial freedom. However, there are limits on how low your expenses can go, but there are no limits on how much you can earn. The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

Emotions and expenses are two of the biggest enemies of an investor:

But in the case of Burma, we all have to invest at least some of our assets to overthrow the brutal dictator regime. It seemed to be based on emotional expenses, but it could be the biggest investment for the future generation of Burma as well as for our own.

One for sure is, that a few useless politicians and ego-based political activists are destroying the spirit of unity in this Burma’s revolution process. They are taking all the credit but the hard work is left to others. Why would someone risk life and possession assets for them, if all the credit will simply go to their useless leadership?

There are many organizations and activists who are capable and willing to help in this Burma’s revolution process, but the concern CRPH-led NUG has not a good strategy to share duties and responsibilities with others compared to what they have done. The strategy that they have applies have been not effective enough but it seemed to be not going to change any soon.

Those who are serving in CRPH and NUG at any level of roles must deposit all their belonging, from housing to cash in hand. They are fully responsible for winning and failing current Burma’s revolution since the people of Burma have done more than what they are required to do by giving up their lives and possession. But especially members of NUG and CRPH, those who live abroad are not deposited their possessions in the revolution funds. Which is totally unfair and unacceptable. They will have to pay with their life if the revolution failed because of their stubbornness to work with all the important EAO and Burmese political activists in sharing roles and responsibilities along with laying the foundation of the right strategy to overcome the revolution in Burma.

I used to raise the issue from day one (February 1, 2022) of the military coup in Burma, the talented every individual and Ethnic Arms Organization or without arms organizations/political groups, must be invited fairly (based on mutual beneficial dealing and agreements) in this 21st century Burma’s revolution process, in order to speed up the whole process. The longer process will end up in more innocent lives.


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