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Accountability in Democracy

Beware. Democracy depends on accountability. Accountability provides checks on unbridled power. If abuses of power go unchallenged, those who wield it will only consolidate their power further. It’s a vicious cycle that erodes faith in democracy itself.

Current Burma’s political crisis is all about power abused by all those involved in the game. The worst is Military institution has crossed the limit more than beyond imagination. For that, those who are participating in this military coup must be punished severely so that such kinds of mistakes will not repeat again ever.

How about the other stakeholders? Do they really base on the grassroots level of all kinds of people around Burma? Do they really represent as inclusive? If not, the journey will take longer and perhaps the goal will never reach. Therefore, it is time to reconsider all the ground situation and fix it before too late.

What do you think?


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