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We Can Only Win With Unity

Aye Kari Soe, a young energetic lady who came from Burma inspired the new generation of Burma and around the world with her new innovative ideas.

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We can only win with unity!  We cannot afford to lose this time.

First of all, don’t let my Burmese/Pali name fool you into thinking that I am a Bamar. I am not. I am everything, but Bamar.

That is why I am writing this today.

I was born in a refugee camp with all different ethnicities from Myanmar, mainly Karen people and that explains why I feel one with them too. While growing up I have been exposed to many different ethnicities from Myanmar. As a Christian, I have been very close with the Kachin and Chin community. As my parents are from the southern part of Myanmar, I have been exposed to different ethnicities from the south too such as the Mon, as my mom is also Mon. I have seen and been part of the suffering that ethic people have been through. I understand. It is also very sad to know that my friends in big cities from Myanmar do not know about this for so many years. But my heart breaks for them today too when I see them dying.

Today is not the day to blame each other or point fingers. Yes, people in the city (mostly Bamar) had no idea about other ethnicities dying and suffering, but also, how can they? The terrorists have been putting propaganda on tv and in the education system for centuries now. We, as ethnic people, may feel very disappointed for years, but the only group that we should blame for all the pains is those terrorists AND NOT EACH OTHER.

I have seen stories coming up blaming Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD for all of this and that they haven’t changed anything in the past 5 years and that they are only for the Bamar people, but let’s not forget that if they took one wrong step that the coup would have already happened a long time ago and we can expect worse scenarios than we are seeing right now. Those terrorists have been putting this strategy together for years. We cannot fall into their traps anymore! Also, this fight is not Bamar against Bamar, it is terrorists against innocent civilians. We are in this together! Let’s also not forget that both MAL and his wives are both not even Bamar.

A lot of people have questions about Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and stating that this is not about her and that she is the villain who stands up for the military. But darlings, she is a woman who left her dying husband and her children behind for us. She never mentioned it. She never said that she misses her family. She is a human being too. Please let’s not forget that.

We are so blessed to have her in our country and representing us, because the truth is, she doesn’t need us, we desperately need her. That is why they kidnapped her as one of the first ones. That is why they are afraid to kill her. She doesn’t stand for only the Bamar people; she stands for true democracy and freedom in Myanmar. She is a smart politician; she cannot tell us everything. She is so wise and gets a lot of things done that we aren’t even aware of. I truly believe that whatever she does is for democracy and towards federalism and not for herself.

Even if this does not convince you to like her, that is okay, but please do not put on things that will separate us, but most importantly people in the front in Myanmar. We need to stand strong together.

Yes, the ethnic parties had only about 10% of the votes during the elections, and yes that should be different. The parliament should be filled with people from all ethnicities and women and men and young people. But that is a fight we should be fighting for after we have received democracy. Now our main goal should be getting those terrorists out, with their roots and all!

If we can’t do that this time, then not only Bamar people will suffer but all ethnicities will suffer more. The country would be worse than North Korea. So, darlings, let’s put our ego and our ethnicities aside for a second and let’s fight for the freedom of everyone in the country.

It’s the propaganda that made us dislike each other and point fingers at each other, in this darker day, let’s love each other more than ever. At the end of the day, love is the force that wins. Not hate. Let’s not disrespect people and politicians that have been fighting for us with their lives. #freethelady


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