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Advice to Burmese community around the world

We have a situation that the mindset of people from Myanmar has to think twice regarding every step we are taking. Now, the current CRPH-Norway team has already formed without proper consultation with the Burmese people in Norway but later trying to reach a few of them have individually agreed on. Which simply are neither honest acts nor not transparent. Moreover, we have been given advice on how genuine representatives and roles of each representative to acts were raised; none of the activists seemed to be boring about it. That means, CRPH-Norway does not represent the Burmese people in Norway either but a group of interests is forming. Here the group has divided to play any as they wish, what and how to help the current Burmese crisis in any methods they choose to be, and that roles have enough to take responsibility and bring improved results if the actors have used the right approach methods and techniques.

Honestly, NUG itself has several weak points to organize the all-inclusiveness of the EAOs group and implanting the long-demanded federal structure. But it has failed and become a weak NUG. Moreover, the current strategy D-Day has been absolutely immature acts for calling before the certain group has joined to acts together, as a result, the revolution speed has been unable to increase and strategic military warfare was unable to carry out as it should have been.

Now, a few individuals have been asked to assist the certain department of NUG, and a few of us in Norway are jealous of it’s, what a shame for being decent from Myanmar? Do you guys ever know how to get shame and why? If you have enough ability and skills, act as you wish based on the organization where you have been stationed, but don’t try to get monopolized on everything, that won’t give you more intelligent creatures but a second-level autocratic dictator leader.

Since NUG does not claim to be a purely federal-based representative group but at least it does represent at least democratically elected government as to where the normal democratic country would do. Moreover, they do have the rights to elect anyone they prefer to work in their cabinet-level or any level of tasks to perform to be a part of their network. Why do you guys have to raise any opposition on their choice while you guy has already done to organize the group called CRPH-Norway on your own without proper consulting the Burmese in Norway? Is not that obviously wrong? We all must be ready to accept who NUG is willing to work with if we really want to cooperate with NUG and are willing to end the military ruling in Burma. Otherwise, you may have to use your own channel to bring down the military’s SAC group. Therefore, we must be mature enough to understand the whole concept and be willing to cooperate with anyone who is being assigned by NUG in the process of the revolution. Remember no one is extraordinarily skillful and talented in this NUG or in Burmese communities around the world, but building unity alone will bring us success and end military rule in Burma


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