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Hotter World to be Hard Hit Asia

WASHINGTON: The Earth will be 2.4 degree celsius warmer by 2020 if the world continues with the business-as-usual approach to climate change and India would be one of the hardest hit countries’ witnessing up to 30% reduction in crop yields, a new study has claimed.

The rising temperatures will adversely affect the world’s food production and India would be the hardest hit, according to the analysis by the Universal Ecological Fund.

The report titled “The Food Gap — The Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production: A 2020 Perspective” predicted that crop yield in India, the second largest producer of rice and wheat, would fall up to 30% by the end of this decade. The report, however, noted that the impacts of climate change would vary from region to region. While central and southern region would witness adverse impacts, the impacts could be beneficial for East and Southeast Asia, the report predicted.

Sources from PTI News

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