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Chronology Events of Matu Politics


By MSU News 


“Matupi people involving as an important roles in freedom movements for the Union of Burma”

by MSU 

1)      During the 1st World War, World War II and in the early independence times of Burma, Captain Thai Coeng is one of the most famous person who was involved in Burma revolution, and one of the most important activists. He was born in Matupi, where his original native belongs to the so called southern part of Chin State. With his best knowledge he had done a very effective services for the Federal Union of Burma, later the nation became under military junta hands as a result of dirty Burmese politicians.

2)      During 1974,  Mr. U Tant, a Burmese national who was Secretary of the UN at Geneva was passed away, the Burmese student activists protested on carrying out his body from university square to unknown places by the military government, which led to be a great protest and uprising movement throughout the Burma nationwide.  The great demonstration led by the students further leading to more killings and closing down of all universities and schools for some periods.  Mr. Val Thang, a Matupi student who was one of the leaders of “U Tant Uprising Movements” was completely sacrificed for the sake of to restore justice and fair in the country.  As a consequences of being involved and leaded during the protested he had been sent to jail for around 7 years and suffered various physical tortured in prison.  Moreover lot of his counterpart had been killed and missed from that time onward. Mr. Val Thang is also one of freedom and democracy fighter not only for Matupi peole and region alone, but also to the whole of Burma Union.  He has been a good example for this new generation of Matupi and Burmese as a whole, especially to the Matupi Students Union.

3)      In 1988, a huge demonstration occurred in nationwide to restore genuine democracy.  Matupi was the biggest demonstration movement playground in the whole Chin State even today, which also have numerous Matupi student leader during the nationwide protest.  After that, many people were departed to boarder as a result of the inhuman being manner reaction was done by military junta, but the Matupi students and leaders committed to continue to fight until the rebirth of freedom and democracy is fully restore.

4)      Even in this present time, lot of Matupi people and students are involving for the rebirth of freedom and democracy in Burma from different areas through working with different organizations within or out of Burma.

          During 2003, student’s leader Pa Thang, Mr. Aung Thang (Secretary to NLD, Matupi) and followers had been sent to jails due to involving as leadership and activated the whole township for honarary welcoming Nobel Peace winner Daw Aung San Su Kyi (Democratic icon), which she visited to Matupi.

          Current “Matupi Students Union” is aiming for all round development  in “Educational Sector” as well as concerning to rebirth of freedom, democracy, and human rights. We MSU believe that the knowledge and wisdom is the most important tools to achieve our aim and objectives. Therefore we are organizing educators and working together with Matupi people, and cooperate with other organizations those who are shareing similar purpose with us on comitted to restore freedom and democracy, in order to maintain “PEACE and Social Economic Development” within the country called Burma.

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