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  • December 2010
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Bogus Draft Constitutions of SPDC


By MSU News


Being a citizen of Burma, we each one of Burmese citizen really care about what is on going process within military’s the so called Burma’s internal affairs.  We really need and must able to read the draft constitution before we vote for “Yes” or “No”. Since which is the main tools to drive the country into somewhere else.  Being as a citizen of Burma, we each one of ethnic minority and every Burmese citizen must allow reading the draft constitution on time, which has to be arranging by this illegal military government of Burma, before they announce officially as legal.

Eventhough, majority of Burmese are going to vote “Yes” or “No”, to the coming May referendums which was prepared by illegal military government has to be revealed publicly on time, therefore it is the duty of illegal military government to prepare for the public to be able to read and allow to discuss openly before the time come.  Moreover the time frame of analyzing of the draft constitution has to be given enough time to study and re-edit.  Then only there will be possibility to edit if things are unacceptable by public.   Such kind of things can not be done by suddenly and without public recognition.  The reason is that the so called draft constitution is the root and it may also turn the Burmese people into slavery status or to prosper and happy life.

One thing for sure that we Burmese need to know all about is, before the draft constitution is ready or prepare, the illegal military government must ask and take responsible to invite all the different ethnics’ representatives from all over Burma (all ethnics representatives must be selected by their own ethnics group, including any ethnic arm forces), and the 1990 election winner NLD party to be involved in the process of preparing the draft constitution.

            If the illegal (temporal) military government is sincere enough to lead in the path of building genuine democracy and national reconciliation process, would they have been conducted the following facts (the government must done as a good example):-

1.       Conduct tri-parties dialogue until the agreement were set effectively by all attendee

2.       Release all the political prisoners,

3.       Release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest

4.       Allow any political organization to conduct their activities

5.       Allow public discussion in political matters and any national affairs

6.       Stop any insurgency among ethnic frontier areas

7.       Allow any human rights organization, journalists, NGOs and international communities to inspect or collecting information except some internal secrecy (defense, and internal affairs etc.)

8.       Confess all their guilty and seek forgiveness from the public for their misconducts, and then begin to precede the draft constitution for the future through under the leadership of acceptable elected pre-governing administration.

            Without fulfilling above facts, the illegal military government’s activities are bogus and unacceptable in any reasons.

            One funny thing with this illegal military government is, they are not recognize by majority of Burmese citizens and international communities in any move they conduct , beside they are not even dare to show up on time details account of the “so-called draft constitution” which they have been prepared for more than decade ago.  To be honest, this military government is being support by some of their own military families’ members and corrupted business associates from within Burma and neighbor countries. That is the reason why this regime is so stubborn to rule the country in merciless manners.

             The neighbour countries those who wanted to be benefit and taking advantages on this uneducated military leadership’s misleading are involving to prolong the wicked military regime’s life expectancy.  Therefore, we would like to call upon any countries, which are being associated with this illegal military government to stop immediately involving with this military regime in any activities.  Otherwise, civilized people may consider you as a totally selfish and opportunist, who will easily break any human rights in order to fulfilled their own selfish needs at any times, and surely they are also one of corrupted and morally guilty ones.  Therefore, the duty and responsibility to each one of us of Burmese citizens is to against them at any ways.

In the mean time, the duty of every Burmese citizens are not to participate during this coming “Referendum of May 2008” or giving the “No” vote in any reasons at any costs.

Note: Temporal military government of Burma means the government which is not recognized by majority of Burmese citizen, the government power was stolen by force by killing their own citizens or at gun point.  That is neither the duty of any parenthood/guardian of the country nor the duty of any government.

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